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What kinds of courses are taught by university?

Mostly all are English taught programs thought out all of the countries. Student from various background
enroll to Foundation program, Bachelors program, Masters Program and PhD.
No. Undergraduate Programs Major Masters Programs Major PhD Programs Major
01 Accounting Master of Applied Finance Doctor of Arts
02 Actuarial Science Master of Applied Science Doctor of Business
03 Advertising Master of Architecture Administration
04 Agriculture Master of Arts Doctor of Engineering or Engineering Science
05 Agricultural and Biological Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Doctor of Education
06 Engineering Master of Arts in Teaching Doctor of Fine Arts
07 Agricultural Business Master of Business Doctor of Modern Languages
08 Management Administration Doctor of Nursing Science
09 Agriculture Economics Master of Business Doctor of Philosophy
10 Animal Bioscience Master of Business Engineering Doctor of Public Health
11 Animal Sciences Master of Business Informatics Doctor of Sacred Theology
12 Anthropology Master of Chemistry Doctor of Science
13 Applied Mathematics Master of Commerce Doctor of Applied Science
14 Archaeology Master of Computational Finance Doctor of Architecture
15 Architectural Engineering Master of Computer Applications Doctor of Comparative Law
16 Architecture Master of Criminal Justice Doctor of Civil Law
17 Art History Master of Economics Doctor of Criminal Justice
18 Studio Art Master of Education Doctor of Criminology
19 Art Education Master of Engineering Doctor of Dental Medicine
20 Biobehavioral Health Management Doctor of Environmental
21 Biochemistry Master of Enterprise Science and Engineering
22 Bioengineering Master of Finance Doctor of Health and Safety
23 Biology Master of Financial Economics Doctor of Health Education
24 Biophysics Master of Financial Engineering Doctor of Health Science
25 Biotechnology Master of Financial Mathematics Doctor of Industrial Technology
26 Business Administration and Management Master of Fine Arts Doctor of Information Technology
27 Business Logistics Master of Health Administration Doctor of Law and Policy
28 Chemical Engineering Master of Health Science Doctor of Management
29 Chemistry Master of Humanities Doctor of Medical Humanities
30 Civil Engineering Master of Industrial and Labor Relations Doctor of Medical Science
31 Computer Engineering Master of International Affairs Doctor of Medicine
32 Computer Science Master of International Business Doctor of Ministry
33 Crime, Law, and Justice Masters in International Economics Doctor of Pharmacy
34 Economics Master of International Studies Doctor of Physical Education
35 Electrical Engineering Master of Information Management Doctor of Professional Studies
36 Engineering Science Master of Information System Management Doctor of Psychology
37 Environmental Systems Master of Laws Doctor of Public Administration
38 Engineering Master of Mass Communication Doctor of Science in Dentistry
39 Environmental Sciences Master of Studies in Law Doctor of Social Science
40 Environmental Resource Master of Management Doctor of Social Work
41 Management Master of Mathematical Finance
42 Film and Video Master of Mathematics
43 Finance Master of Medical Science
44 Geography Master of Medicine
45 Graphic Design and Photography/td> Master of Pharmacy
46 Health and Physical Education Master of Philosophy
47 Health Policy and Administration Master of Physics
48 History Master of Political Science
49 Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management Master of Psychology
50 Human Development and Family Studies Master of Public Administration
52 Industrial Engineering Master of Public Management
53 Information Sciences and Technology Master of Public Policy
54 Journalism Master of Public Relations
55 Marketing Master of Public Service
56 Mathematics Master of Science
57 Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Computer Science
58 Media Studies Master of Science in Engineering
59 Nuclear Engineering Master of Science in Development Administration
60 Nursing Master of Science in Finance
61 Philosophy Master of Science in Health Informatics
62 Physics Master of Science in Human
63 Physiology Resource Development
64 Political Science Master of Science in Information Systems
65 Psychology Master of Science in Information Technology
66 Public Relations Master of Science in Leadership
67 Real Estate Master of Science in Management
68 Religious Studies Master of Science in Nursing
69 Sociology Master of Science in Project Management
70 Social Work Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
71 Telecommunications Master of Science in Teaching
72 Master of Science in Taxation
73 Master of Social Science
74 Master of Social Work
75 Master of Technology