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Objectives Student Consultancy


We strongly believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality higher education. Education is the best option of investment for the families and the nation. It is the only means of human resources development to meet the upcoming challenges.

Serve and assist students to upgrade themselves as standard as a global citizen achieving higher education from renowned international universities.


Continuous fulfillment of growing demands of our clients and partners, specific annual target of BSB Global Network is that 20000 students visit our office who seeks admission in foreign universities. 70% of them (14,000) will be eligible and will open their files at BSB Global Network office and 40% of (5,600) students enroll in foreign universities and institutions.


Equal services, treatment and respect for all our clients and partners irrespective of their class, country and position. Honesty, the highest level of transparency and confidentiality for our clients and parents at all level of our operations.

Policy of Excellence

The BSB Global Network policy is to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by providing services, which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers. At BSB, we strive to deliver the best services with the most competitive rates. We are committed to customers’ satisfaction through continuous improvement.

We are determined to improve BQMS (BSB Quality Management System). Each staff of BSB Global Network is responsible for delivering quality work, which results in a continuously improving working environment by adopting a system that reflects the competence of the company.