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Student Visa

Overview Visa

BSB Global Network guides student to get visa in a convenient manner, after the counseling and applying when the student gets finally accepted by the university. The next thing is to get a student visa for entrance as a student to the respected country. BSB Global Network provide information on documents and which to submit at the embassy. However, the process have been guide by an expert so that the student might not feel any hassle.

Below are the resources which have details and requirements of getting a student visa.

Australian student visa
Austria student visa
Canada student visa
China student visa
Cyprus student visa
Czech Republic student visa
Denmark student visa
Finland student visa
France student visa
Germany student visa
Hungary student visa
Italy student visa
Japan student visa
Kyrgyzstan student visa
Latvia student visa
Lithuania student visa
Malaysia student visa
Malta student visa
Morocco student visa
Netherlands student visa
New Zealands student visa
Poland student visa
Portugal student visa
Russia student visa
South Korea student visa
Sri Lanka student visa
Sweden student visa
Switzerland student visa
Turkey student visa
UK student visa
USA student visa

Some facts

  1. Not everyone gets a student visa (many students get denials).
  2. Some countries have less acceptance rate of getting a student visa, and acceptance rate may differ from applicant's home country.
  3. Almost all major countries have work restrictions on a student visa (you cannot work on a student visa, you can only work p/t on campus, etc.).
  4. Almost all major destination countries need financial proof of applicant's living expenses (including tuition).
  5. Student visa is a temporary visa, it is expected that an applicant will return to home country after completing studies (in many cases students start working and get a work permit).
  6. You can travel back and forth to your home country on a student visa.
  7. You can take your spouse/kids with student visa (additional paper work is required).
  8. Student visa is not a work permit.
  9. Most countries allow you to do internship with student visa, many countries allow you to get some work experience (on student visa) after finishing your course work.
  10. You might have to pay your taxes (check rules with your destination country) if you earn anything!
  11. You may be able to transfer credits to your destination college.
  12. You can apply for driving license, credit cards etc.